Every one of us dreams of a perfect wedding: the location has to be unique, the photographs perfect, the reception unforgettable, and the service impeccable. The Opatija Riviera is the place that satisfies all these requirements, and we at Liburnia Riviera Hotels will do our best to meet all additional wishes to the satisfaction of the bridal pair and guests.Visit the Opatija Riviera - a perfect setting for your destination wedding in Croatia!


opatijaThe centre of the Riviera is Opatija, the cradle of Croatian tourism, a town distinguished by a special elegance. Opatija is renowned for its fine hotels, manicured parks, unique Lungomare seaside promenade, abundance of indigenous and exotic vegetation, and famous visitors who have stayed here during more than 160 years of tourism. This is a town with a sophisticated elegance, and the romantic, well-tended parks and villas hide numerous love stories. This is very important when it comes to choosing the ideal destination for your wedding: elegant halls become the venue for the most important event in your life, the parks and promenades turn into an inspirational setting for fine banquets and receptions, and the high-class hotels provide excellent accommodation for the bridal pair and guests. And some of the most recognisable symbols of the town will become a unique background for your perfect wedding photographs. Let us meet some of them.

The Villa Angiolina and Park

villa angiolinaThe construction of the Villa Angiolina is regarded as the beginning of tourism in Opatija, and the surrounding park with its beautiful specimens of indigenous and exotic plants, and the essential camellias (one of the symbols of the town), as well as the circular flowerbed in front of the villa, are favourite places for pleasant strolls and relaxation. Is there a more beautiful setting for your wedding photographs?

The Church and Park of St. James

park sv jakovaThis church and the former monastery gave the town its name (opatija is the Croatian word for abbey). The park that surrounds the church, located in the immediate vicinity of the Hotels Kvarner and Imperial, has won several prizes as Croatia's most beautiful park. It's no wonder with its perfectly manicured lawn adorned with colourful flowers, palms and pines, magnificent cedar, and famous Helios and Selene fountain. It's also no surprise that many couples take their most beautiful wedding photographs in this park.